Guide to a Successful Santa Experience

Please Read Without Little Ones Around!

1. Talk to the children about what is going to happen. Assure them that Santa is very friendly and that they are going to love him.

2. Arrive 10-15 min. early. Santa's time is very valuable and if you are late, that will cut into your "Santa time". Allow time for traffic and parking. Our studio is in our home which is a residential area. You may have to walk a block or so, so allow for that time.

3. There is no additional charge for multiple children- immediate family only, please.

4. Children dressed in jammies are particularly cute!

5. Let us know if your child has any allergies as there may be cookies and milk around.

6. We will take dozens of images; you will schedule a time within the week to come back and view your images, choose the one pose for your included package and order any other items you may want to own. There will be more information about this when you arrive for your session.

7. If you are unable to make your session, and we are unable to put another family in your slot, your registration fee will be forfeited. You are really paying for Santa's time and  your session time has been reserved just for you.

8. Aside from Christmas lists, and perhaps beloved stuffed animals/ blankets for little ones, do not bring any other props.

9. We will photograph what happens as it unfolds, but make no guarantees if a child is uncooperative. However, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves!

10. Parents are allowed to watch- and participate if you feel this will be a better experience for your children. If you think you will do that, come dressed- these make great holiday cards!

11. If you have any other questions- call Di at 630-781-1137.